CRM Upgrade

CRM Upgrade

After the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement system has been implemented, our clients often find ongoing application and technical support to be extraordinarily valuable. Even if it's just for having someone to call when something unexpected happens in the system. You have peace of mind knowing that a tiger team is on standby if something catastrophic happens to your Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement system.

Codenetix enables you to smoothly upgrade your existing CRM implementation to newer versions thus enabling you to streamline processes better and unleash the power of the cloud. We work with you to draw useful insights from data you didn’t even know existed.

Our experience comes from the hundreds of clients we’ve successfully helped migrate from legacy systems to the latest trends. Talk to us today to find out how we can set up the perfect CRM migration and upgrade for your business.

Data migration

Data migration and integration includes anything from sales figures to customer profile information – ensuring that duplicate data entries are eliminated and that you receive a holistic view of cross-linked data across multiple applications.

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver a seamless transition. We offer a complete range of Dynamics 365 development services that well-exploit the existing platform features.

We build solutions on top of the robust capabilities included with Dynamics 365 to address complex business functionality, get full access to the features and capabilities of the core platforms, and integrate these into the Dynamics 365 user experience.

We help you build on and extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities by creating custom-tailored solutions that solve your business needs.