Data extraction and transformation solution


Speeding up of retrieving last-minute production data for analysis and corrective actions is one of a few key success factors in every business. Sugar-producing giant Rusagro understood that perfectly, starting an IoT project aiming at providing management with up-to-date information on main production indicators.

Codenetix team was responsible for dataflow development and ETL processes in this project. Using Node-RED platform from IBM, data flow from production sensors and PLCs to Cassandra DB has been developed. Data transformation from unstructured to structured data stored in MS SQL database have been deployed. Feeding data into existing ERP system for reporting purposes was the last part of a job.

Pilot project have been delivered in three months. Volume of sugar beet processed, chip digestion, sugar output and sugar beet yield from all sugar processing plants of Rusagro are among major indicators available for management on daily basis.


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