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LT Revizor

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LT Revizor is the largest inventory audit agency in Russia, delivering more than 4,000 audits a year. As a market leader, LT Revizor has its own know-how in IT – a comprehensive software complex for delivering remote audits.

IT solution consists of a server app deployed on an audit manager’s laptop, connected to mobile apps on robust Motorola handheld devices used by field staff. Data integration with LT Revizor’ customers and its own ERP system goes on top of that.

Codenetix team was put in charge for support and development of the app in late 2015. Since then, thousands of stock audits have been delivered without any major failure in software supported by Codenetix.

A lot of enhancements have been deployed, regarding data interchange with retail chains, reporting system, and licensing process. Intensive performance optimizations of source code with have been made as well. Huge effects followed: Audit preparation procedure time has been reduced ten-fold; reports for LT Revizor’ clients download five time faster.

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