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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Software For Your Teams In The Field

Your field service teams are valiant road warriors. They move from place to place, trying to stay on schedule, hoping there will not be too much traffic, or detours, or icy roads. Anything that can cause a delay. The guys and gals that fulfill the role of field service technicians need all the help they can get their jobs done – with the materials they have brought them – on time and on budget.

If your company is a field service company, then you know what I am talking about. There are a lot of moving parts that all need to come together so that you can provide top-notch service to your customers, a superior customer experience… all at a profit!

You need…

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

Delivering ongoing field service to customers is an essential part of any business with equipment in the field. When field service is done well, it can be a source of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue. However, the reality is that managing and tracking service is not always straightforward. Nor is it easy. Nor is it simple.

Here at Codenetix, we know how tough it can be. And that is because we work with field service companies just like yours. We have listened as they have explained to us exactly what their most pressing issues are, exactly what they need to prosper, precisely what they must have in order to serve their customers well.

That is why we recommend implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service provides a robust set of capabilities that are specifically designed to help field service companies thrive. These tools will give you and your field service teams a competitive edge. The Field Service capabilities are vital to support:

  • Repair shop and field service operations
  • Complex service distribution systems
  • Industrial service environments
  • High-volume deployment of service technicians and spare parts

Using Field Service in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can:

  • Create service orders and schedule service calls
  • Track replacement parts and related supplies
  • Assign service technicians based on skill and availability
  • Generate service estimates and invoices

How does Codenetix get you from where you are today to where your field service operation needs to be moving forward? It all begins with how we handle it…

Sales and Implementation

We provide guidance beginning with the sales process and all the way through to the implementation of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service system until you go live. Continuity throughout this process increases the probability of your field service organization’s success. Our clients benefit from our expertise in:

  • Software Selection (including 3rd party applications)
  • Sales of the appropriate modules
  • Implementation and post-go-live support

During the entire process, we also delve into…

Discovery and Analysis

We understand that the key to a successful implementation of any Enterprise Resource Planning application, including Dynamics 365, is to make sure that it is a perfect fit with your field service organization’s business processes.

However, the reality is that the field service software is rarely a perfect fit right “out of the box.” That is why we incorporate methods that take you “outside of the box” so that with our guidance, you, as our clients, can successfully:

Tailor the system to fit your field service business processes Re-engineer your business processes to fit the field service module Or, where appropriate, we recommend a winning combination of both the above

Another integral component of a successful field service system implementation is…

Data Migration

Migrating data from a “legacy” field service application to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is part and parcel of the implementation process. Subsequent training and pilot testing go more smoothly after data has been transferred from the old system to the new. Our clients benefit from:

  • Extraction of data from the old field service system
  • Cleanup and transformation of the extracted data
  • Load data into Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Creation of a data warehouse for the legacy data

Speaking of training, that is the next area we want to cover because no software implementation can be successful without…


We cannot emphasize this point enough. Training is absolutely essential to the success of an implementation and to the ongoing operation of the functionality you will benefit from when you complete the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service. At Codenetix, we employ a “train the trainer” approach, which is more efficient, less time-consuming, and less costly than other training programs.

In this phase of the implementation, we guide clients through the “train the trainer” approach. We then provide high-level process documentation. Last but not least, we encourage client teams to develop their own “desk procedures” using our best practices. You will find that training is helpful for:

Developing expertise among your internal subject matter experts Replacing internal knowledge that may be lost due to attrition Assigning service technicians based on skill and availability Supporting departmental growth Raising proficiency in field service operations

No conversation about successful software implementation, deployment, integration, and adoption would be complete without at least touching on the subject of…

Management Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with many standard field service reports. However, our clients often ask us to create reports to streamline their business processes or provide timely information for executive management to make key decisions. Using a business intelligence tool, data visualization allows you to see when issues arise in your field service organization quickly.

When it comes to reporting in general and reporting specific to field service, our clients benefit from our three decades of expertise in:

  • Customizing existing reports
  • Creating custom reports, including such metrics as utilization and profitability by a technician
  • Dashboard deployment with Microsoft Power BI

We could write a book about reporting (and some people have!), but in the final analysis, you will find that our team understands the critical field service metrics you need to track and see in your reports so you can pinpoint issues quickly, determine if your scheduling and routing has been efficient, and monitor the performance of individual field technicians.

And that leads us to the following necessary functionality and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service provides…

Planning and Scheduling

Deployment of technicians with appropriate skills and experience is critical to a successful field service organization. Equally important is the delivery of the correct replacement parts to complete a repair or preventative maintenance. Our clients benefit from our expertise in:

  • Capturing skills and certifications for each technician
  • Assigning and scheduling technicians based on expertise and availability
  • Material planning for replacement and spare parts
  • Financial reporting related to field service activities

The bottom line here is that you need cutting-edge field service software to turn a profit. And supporting that bottom line, to stay in the black, is the foundation for everything we have discussed in this article. And that is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.