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10 Reasons Not To Migrate From Microsoft Dynamics Gp To Business Central

STOP! Are you sure you want to migrate from Microsoft Dynamics GP (GP) to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC)?  Are you absolutely sure? We feel obligated to tell you that it will definitely not be easy to move back to GP if you change your mind after migrating to BC. It might even be impossible to do so. But, candidly, we have never encountered that situation, so we cannot really say one way or another.

One thing is certain. We do not want you to have buyer’s remorse. That would not be good for you, your team, your company. Neither would that be good for us at Codenetix as your trusted Microsoft partner.

The odds are that we have spoken to you at some length regarding the benefits of migrating from GP to BC. And the benefits are many. But that still does not mean it is the best course for everyone. There are situations where staying on GP might make the most sense. We want to be sure that you are really ready to take the plunge.

That is why we have developed a list of reasons for NOT migrating to BC. That is why, before you begin the process of migrating from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we entreat you to look at&hellip

10 Reasons NOT to Migrate from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Business Central

Do not simply look at the below list. Stop and think about it, too. Give some thought to each of the 10 reasons below. Do any, some, most, or all of them apply to you? Do the reasons NOT to migrate outweigh the reasons TO migrate?

Ask yourself the tough questions that relate to our “reasons not to migrate” list. For example, perhaps some items apply to you, but do they apply to the rest of your team? To all the users? To your CEO? Have you, in fact, asked them?

Maybe you need to share our “reasons not to migrate” with everyone. Take a poll. Get a consensus. Yes, all of that might delay your migration to BC, but again, we do not you have buyer’s remorse. We would much prefer to take the extra time to make sure that in your case, for your company, the reasons to migrate outweigh the reasons not to migrate.

Finally… Here’s our top 10 list…

  • It is probably too expensive.
  • You and your team do not have the time to embark on a migration.
  • You have always used Microsoft Dynamics GP. It is, so to speak, the devil, you know.
  • Your users love Dynamics GP, and they do not love change.
  • Microsoft will continue to support GP for at least the next five years.

Wow. A lot of good, solid reasons to stick with GP. So if you read the list and say: “Yup. That’s us!”, then we will happily work with you to keep your Microsoft Dynamics GP software running smoothly for as long as possible. Indeed for the next five years, while GP is still covered, my Microsoft support, but potentially beyond that as well. Many of our manufacturing and wholesale distribution clients run Dynamics GP and have been running Dynamics GP for decades. GP is also a favorite for some of our financial services clients. We also continue to implement GP ERP for new clients too. In short, we know GP like the back of our hand